Thursday, September 3, 2015

New District "City High Preview" Displays How Efficient Hoover Is!

Thursday afternoon, a mere five days before the upcoming school board election, the Iowa City Community School District put out a "City High Preview" (click here). 

Methinks something smells foul--it is the timing? Maybe, but it is also the figures themselves.

Compared to a "300-person school," Hoover must be extremely efficient. Hoover's actual costs from 2013-2014 (not including special education, since that's not included in the figures in the City High Preview, and its categorical anyway and not from the general fund) were over $600K less than the 300-student school in administration's comparison. That is to say, Hoover's actual costs in 2013-2014 were $1,509,000, which was $611,012.19 less than the 300-student school. Whereas, the purported savings by having a 500-student school compared to a 300-student school was a a mere $861K (the total amount of the hypothetical 500-student school minus the total amount of the hypothetical 300-student school divided by 300 and multiplied by 500). That amounts to about a $100K savings for KEEPING HOOVER OPEN. How so? The 500-student school had a total cost of $2,672,162.31, divide that by 500 to get the per student amount, then multiply that by 300 to get $1,603,297. In 2013-2014, Hoover had 332 students and it only cost the district $1,509,000. So, that's a savings of almost $100K by keeping Hoover open.

See for yourself!

And for further irony, the 2013-2014 data may be a little higher than it was last year, since Hoover's guidance counselor went from being 0.8 time to 0.6 time (the salary of the person last year, who wasn't fulltime at Hoover was approximately $57K, so multiply that by 0.6, and compare it to $82K from the 300-student school).

Look, a case can reasonably be made that Hoover should close. But this is pretty far from it.